Top 10 Free AI Art Generated Apps For Android And iOS


We are living in a world where everything is created with just one click using AI technology. AI is reaching new heights of innovation every day. Each day, there is a new automobile using AI for self-drive, Robots using AI technology to do human work, or different apps that use AI to edit photo videos, create Avatars, or for graphics.

AI Art Generator App

People are obsessed with social media, and everyone is creating different and unique content to post on their profile so that more people can follow them and they can earn good money. So, there have been a lot of apps that are AI-based. You can use these apps to add something very different to your work, whether they are pictures, videos, portraits, or avatars. 

So, in this article, we will tell you about the top 10 AI art generator apps that are used all across the world and are very famous among content creators. You can download these apps completely for free on your Android.

Picsart (Photo Editor AI)

PicsArt, Inc develops the Picsart app. This app has a community of over 150 million creators. You can use this app for AI photo and video editor, make collages, add stickers, and swap the background.

You can use this for:

  • To try out trending filters.
  • Clean pictures and remove unwanted objects.
  • Add text on the photos with 200 plus designer fonts.
  • Try the glitch video effect and other trendy filters.
  • Use the slideshow maker and add a video.

The most famous AI tools of this app are:

  • Turn the text into images with the AI image generator.
  • Use AI Enhance to enlarge and upscale the low-quality image.
  • With AI Avatar, convert your photos into cool Avatars.

Lensa AI (Photo-editing , avatar)

Lensa AI app can be used to add an artistic touch to your photos, use special effects, or make your videos unique by adding enchanting designs, frames, and backgrounds from its vast library.

The most famous features of this app are:

  • With Magic Avatar, you can convert yourself into your alter egos. Jump into the world of style and see the magic happen.
  • Use the Special effect library to add neon glow, sunshine effect, or a TV look to your pictures and videos.
  • Use professional-looking portraits to adjust your selfies to a proper lens angle.
  • Adjust your video fragments and personalize highlights to create the perfect movie you want.
  • Add background music and the music beats will automatically be synced with the action and transitions happening in the video.

Wombo Dream (AI Photo Editor)

As the name of the app suggests, you can use the app Wombo Dream to create your dream works with the world AI features. Bring your ideas to life with the power of AI. This app is used to make paintings of whatever you want it to just with one single tap.

You won’t need a paintbrush, watercolors, or canvas. Just download the Wombo Dream and create your artwork like movie posters, Lyrics, Poems, diary entries, and much more like:

  •  Edit with only text. You just have to write the instructions of how you want your images and photos to be customized and enter them. You will see the magic happen.
  • Many amazing art styles: Whether you want to add vibrant colors or dark effects to your art, you can do it.
  • You can share your work with the world and get famous among the people.
  • AI-generated Anime characters: Using AI technology, you can convert any text, picture, or art to a stunning anime character.

FaceApp ( Perfect Face Editor)

FaceApp is one of the most famous apps for face editing features in photos. You can use FaceApp to create instant-worthy pictures by editing them to perfection using the AI tools in the app.

  • With the Impression filter, you can edit your selfie perfectly.
  • You can add different features to your face, like a beard and a mustache.
  • Use trendy make-up filters and add volume or a different color to your hair.
  • Swap faces with your friends. 
  • You can edit the face features by enlarging or reducing the size of your face.
  • You can also use filters to check how you will look when you are older or how you used to look as a baby.

Wonder (AI Art Generator)

Using the Wonder app, you can convert words into mesmerizing digital artwork. You have to describe what you want and then let the magic happen. For example, you write Life Under the Sea or The Starry Night, and Wonder will paint it for you. 

  • You can become an artist by using Wonder to paint different things for you, like monuments, song lyrics, or any movie character.
  • Use many new styles ranging from street art style to ornate painting or hop style.
  • Use your artwork as wallpaper: You can create the type of wallpaper you want by using the tools and filters you like. 
  • Share it with the world and watch your work become famous among the community of content creators.

StarryAi ( AI Art Generator)

Starryai is an AI art generator app that is completely free to use. You can create up to 5 artworks daily using this app without the watermark. Also, you will have full ownership of the artwork that you have created on StarryAi and can print it out or use it anytime you want.

  • StarryAi has a very friendly user interface and easy controls that will be very helpful for beginners.
  • StarryAi provides the latest AI art generator methods that ensure that your creation has the highest quality.
  • With the retouch feature, you can easily edit any artwork that you don’t like. Simply draw over the artwork you don’t want and write how you want to change it, and it will happen.
  • StarryAi customizability will allow you to choose from any style, aspect ratio, or initial images that you want to edit.
  • Starryai generator provides you with abstract designs or realistic landscapes that you want.

Canva (Design, photo, and video)

Canva is an app that is used to edit your photos and videos. You can create social media posts, cards, logos, flyers, and much more using this app. It does not matter if you don’t have any experience in the editing of the content because Canva is very easy to use. 

  • Stunning Templates for you to add to your photos or videos. Design your logo, invitations, or flyers in a very professional manner.
  • Over 2 Million assets in its library for you to use, like royalty-free images, water-mark-free videos, and many audio and tracks.
  • With the Smart-Mockups, you can make designs for your t-shirts or posters. Add high-res mockups for your phone or laptop.
  • Make a static image move with animations and transitions just with one click.
  • There is a design for everyone. Whether you are a teacher, student, entrepreneur, or social media influencer, you can select the design you want for your photos and videos.

AI Arta ( Art and Avatar Generator)

AI Arta is your art studio where you can design your ideas into a reality by using the mesmerizing artwork features AI Arta provides. 

  • AI Arta can turn your words into art. Create very different art that is unimaginable, like a party on Mars or cats that are dancing on water. Just imagine whatever you like, and AI Arta will make it happen for you.
  • Reimagine your videos with AI Arta. It will help you transform your ideas into videos with unique AI tools in just seconds.
  • You can make any image just with the help of words.
  • Explore a variety of art techniques by converting your cartoonish sketches into photorealism. 
  • Create Avatars just by uploading your selfie that you want to be converted.

Vivid (AI Photo enhancer)

Vivid has incredible movie-grade AI technology, which enhances the quality of your photos into high-definition when you zoom in on the photo. It offers many editing tools like magic eraser and color correction.

  • If you have old faded photos that are precious memories for you, then you can edit them using Vivid AI. Bring them back to life by enhancing their color.
  • With the Magic Eraser, you can edit your photos and remove any unwanted objects from the background.
  • You can create cartoon selfies from any photos you want by using the AI tool.
  • Use Portrait Animer to animate any photos, portraits, sketches, or paintings. Turn any picture into a moving piece.
  • Moments and memories will be created for you. All similar movies and photos will be automatically created as movement boomerangs or GIFs.

TikTok ( Music, videos, and live)

TikTok is one of the most famous apps, with its users all around the world. Many people use it to create content that they share with millions of its users. On TikTok, you can create videos of your daily life, from waking up in the morning to the very end of the day.

You can also enjoy endless short videos of the things you love and can skip all the others that you don’t like.

  • A personalized video feed will be provided based on what you watch and like. There is a huge variety of videos TikTok offers that you can watch all day long.
  • You can create unique transition videos on TikTok by editing them with different filters.
  • You can Cut, trim, crop, or add as many videos as you want to and pause your video multiple times.
  • TikTok offers you a huge variety of trending songs on which you can create trending videos to share on your social media accounts.
  • Get your inspiration from the users or inspire others by creating jaw-dropping content like nobody has ever seen.


So these are the Top 10 AI-generated apps of 2023, which you can download for free on your Android and iOS devices. You can get exclusive access to the features of the apps mentioned above by subscribing to them. If you are looking for apps to edit your photos and videos or create some animation, you must give them a try.

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