Capcut tutorial Guideline 2024: Beginners to Advanced

Are you finding any videos about the Capcut tutorial for beginners where you get editing tips? Don’t worry, the APKinstal site is giving your best blog about Cpacut tutorial edits. Capcut is a free editing app where you get many editing features for TikTok videos, like adding background, music, and filters.

Capcut Tutorial PDF

After you have a visual representation of the platform, let us begin editing videos using CapCut! To begin with, you must click on a clip in the bottom portion of the video editor. You’ll see a set of signs directly above the clips that are like this:

  • Split: No matter where the cursor is positioned, this will split the clip. 
  • Delete: This will take the video clip out of it completely.
  • Reverse: Play the video in reverse mode by selecting Reverse.
  • Crop: Using this option, you may reposition, crop, and adjust the clips.
  • Mirror:  You may make the clip mirror the original by flipping it.
  • Editing from a transcript: If your video includes storytelling or music, you may transcribe the text in the language of your choice. 
  • Additional editing choices, such as Basic, Smart Tools, Audio, Animation, and Speed, are located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Create Capcut Tutorial Edit Video in 3 Steps

Import your video

Importing your video into CapCut’s editor is the first step. You have the option to select videos and images from CapCut’s stock footage collection and select photos and videos straight from your device.

Edit your videos

Make use of CapCut’s advanced editing features to crop and trim your video, add sound effects and music, and adjust the brightness and color. To make your video more attractive, you may also add a capcut template, text overlays, effects, and animations.

Download your videos

After you’ve been satisfied with the video, download and export it to your smartphone. After that, you may use it for other marketing initiatives, post it on your website, or share it on social media.

How to edit on Capcut like a pro in Andriod?

There are the following points on how to edit on Capcut editing like a pro.

  • Open CapCut and import your video clips into the application.
  • Organize Your Clips: Add your clips in the sequence that you would want to see in your movie timeline.
  • Trim and Cut: To make smooth transitions between your clips and delete unwanted portions, use the trim and cut tools.
  • Add Transitions: Adding transitions between clips will improve the way your video plays. 
  • Apply Filters and Effects: To improve the aesthetic appeal of your film, make use of the built-in filters and effects in CapCut. To achieve the desired effect, adjust parameters such as saturation, contrast, and brightness.
  • Add Text and Graphics: To give your videos more context or visual appeal, add text overlays, stickers, and graphics.
  • Capcut video effects: Capcut gives you a wide range of video effects.Add various effects to your videos to make them more appealing. . 
  • Change Audio: Ensure that your video’s audio is balanced and clear. Include background music, adjust the volume, and add audio effects.
  • Fine-Tune Colour and Lighting: You can adjust your video clips’ color balance, exposure, and contrast by using CapCut’s color grading features.
  • Export your video: After making the necessary changes, save it in the format and resolution you prefer. 
  • Review and Edit: Give your edited video an in-depth look and make any final adjustments or edits that are required.

What editor is better than CapCut?

It’s widely understood that Adobe Premiere Pro is a more feature-rich and powerful professional-grade video editing program than CapCut. Alternatives such as DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas Pro, and Final Cut Pro X (for Mac users) have additional options with more functionality and versatility. 

Although these editors may have greater learning curves, they provide advanced functions ideal for professional editing requirements. The ultimate selection is based on the particular editing requirements, budget, and expertise level.

Is CapCut a good or bad app?

CapCut is a useful program for editing videos, especially for beginners and casual users. It provides a range of editing tools, an easy-to-use interface, and the opportunity to make high-quality videos at no cost.  In general, the suitability of Capcut depends on your preferences and editing specifications.

Is CapCut good for professional editing?

Yes, Capcut is a good professional editing app for beginners. This app has advanced editing features and filters. You can add them to your videos and make them more attractive. Capcut tutorial Instagram are the best way to create engaging content covering all the topics in memes.

How to edit on Capcut on iPhone?

  • Download and open the Capcut app.
  • Select the videos that you want to edit on Capcut.
  • Arrange the different clips.
  • Trim and crop the clips.
  • Add video effects.
  • Add texts, transitions, and songs to your videos.
  • Adjust the music or any audio.
  • Now export your videos to your devices.
  • Share these videos with your social media accounts.

How to edit on capcut template?

To edit a CapCut template, open the app, choose the template you wish to edit, and then make changes by tapping on the text, transitions, or effects, among other features. You may change the media, change the timings, and customize the template to your desire.

How to edit on Capcut for TikTok?

  • Using CapCut for TikTok, you may edit videos by importing your footage.
  • Trimming it to the appropriate length.
  • Adding text, stickers, effects, or music.
  • Then, set the aspect ratio to match TikTok’s vertical (9:16) format.
  • After making any required modifications, export the video to your device and preview it. Lastly, use CapCut or your camera roll to instantly publish the edited video to TikTok.

How to use the Capcut green screen?

The Capcut green screen tutorial gives you guidelines about how to use the Capcut green screen. Let’s start to explore it.

Step 1: Upload your video to CapCut.

Step 2: Add your video overlay for the green screen.

Step 3: To remove the green screen, use the chroma key feature.

Step 4: Adjust the video’s brightness and shadows.

Step 5: Export Your Video


It’s crucial to think about the tone and vibe you want to portray when selecting music for tutorial videos. Slower, informal music can create a peaceful ambiance, while vibrant, upbeat music might help keep viewers interested and engaged. In the end, the music you select should improve the entire viewing experience and go well with the tutorial’s subject matter. Selecting legally-licensed or royalty-free music is crucial to avoiding any legal problems.

Making tutorial videos is a great approach to imparting information and abilities to a larger audience. Tutorial videos make difficult ideas and activities easier for learners to comprehend by providing clear instructions and pictures. The ability to view and rewatch tutorial videos at any time removes the need for in-person training sessions, which may also save time and money. Additionally, tutorial videos are globally available through internet sharing.

You can create videos with CapCut, a free video editing tool. First, download and use CapCut, then use it to create a tutorial video. Next, import the video that you intend to use in your tutorial. Your video will be better with text, music, and other effects added. Additionally, you may record the screen of your smartphone while showing a procedure by using CapCut’s screen recording capability. After editing is complete, export your video and distribute it to viewers. It’s never been easier to create a tutorial video using CapCut’s strong editing capabilities and intuitive UI.


This guide offers simple instructions for using CapCut to efficiently edit videos, especially for those who are just starting. It includes both fundamental editing operations like splitting and cropping and more complex ones like adjusting audio and applying effects. With detailed instructions on editing for TikTok and using templates, CapCut provides an easy-to-use platform for producing captivating videos.

Even though CapCut might not be as powerful as high-end programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, it’s still a useful tool for both inexperienced and experienced designers.

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