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About Mod APK Crop& Trom Video Editor

Everyone wants to make a captivating and high-quality movie, but occasionally, unintentionally, objects slip into the picture. You can use Video Crop Mod APK

(Unlocked Pro) to remove them. a tool that allows any extraneous things in the video to be quickly deleted. This application’s ability to function depends heavily on the AI engine. The technology will blur or highlight specific selected objects with other objects by making them materialize. Occasionally, it’s to unintentionally enter the camera or remove things that aren’t needed. We also have Photo Video Maker Mod APK on our site.

Perform the same functions as Photoshop but in a much shorter and simpler manner. The elements in any video will be highlighted by the Crop & Trim Video Editor APK mod. or you can remove anything you feel is superfluous from there. This application spends practically all of its time on pick and drag and drop. Make several videos that appear to be focused on a single thing. Excellent for a variety of dramatic videos that highlight particular objects.

Mobile Paid Features

Add music on cropped videos

Over 250+ Tracks of Background Music. (Continuous Updates)

Edit unlimited clips.

Remove Ads.

There is no watermark.


The file type is Mp4 by default

It has the following qualities: Highest (Default), Medium, Low, and Optimized for social network use.

Download the Crop & Trim Video Editor Mod to produce videos with an enhanced look.

Naturally, selecting any video that needs editing is the initial task for everyone. With the Crop & Trim Video Editor APK, videos with a variety of items in a landscape format will get the best results. One is that you’ll draw attention to key situations that the audience must see. To make what you want to show everyone more prominent, create a center effect. You can also download VN MOD APK.

The second is to draw attention to a particular object or person in a scene with multiple objects. To make the character stand out more, you could, for instance, blur the crowd. To improve the scene, take such items out even if it’s necessary. Everything is determined by your tastes and experience.

Cut and edit videos

Because they are enjoyable, most people employ these two primary functions as their go-to tools. To eliminate extraneous scenes from the frame, use video cropping. By dragging your finger from the starting point to the finish position, you can choose which region to maintain. Everything that is still unselected will be eliminated when you apply clipping.

Just the frame you retained should remain to emphasize everything within. You’ll get the impression that everything is larger and that movement is more obvious. It would make more sense to crop the video if you don’t like that. All of the video scenes are saved, you just need to choose the item you wish to remove.

Blur and highlight

Using the blur tool will be useful if you want to highlight the objects without erasing the surrounding area. Pick the precise region you wish to blur. You will be able to scroll left to right on a status bar. similar to having no effect at all until it gets as dark as possible. Select the appropriate amount to avoid an overly hazy or bothersome appearance.

The things in the video must be sufficiently dark to make the main character stand out. Viral in personal video recordings is this impact. Or are the images where the primary character is most lucid? Clear the area of anything superfluous.

Save or forward the videos.

The use of social networks is growing in popularity. It is no longer an uncommon thing to share videos on it for public consumption. Sharing them across many platforms is also highly popular, based on the job done with Crop & Trim Video Editor MOD APK. After you finish using them, your videos will be saved to the app’s collection.

You won’t have to relocate to the library to share right away. Select your favorite video and post it on many social media platforms. Find out what people think of these not-so-new, yet interesting, video effects. seeking inspiration to produce more innovative goods.

It allows users to produce high-quality videos with special effects using three major tools. The interface of the Crop & Trim Video Editor mod is not particularly appealing. Its products will undoubtedly inspire admiration.

Key features

  • Crop, resize, and trim the video.
  • An advanced cropping video editor, Frame by Frame. Cut & trim.
  • Flip and rotate videos.
  • Mute the audio and video sounds.
  • Overlay the video with music.
  • Sound Effect for Music Fade In/Out.
  • Without a watermark.
  • video trimmer

Download & install crop & trim editor Video Crop Mod APK premium unlocked for Android

You can start your free download of the latest version of the Editor Video Crop Mod APK app. The following notes are provided:

How do I install it?

  • Download the “APK” file.
  • Once downloaded, open the “APK” file.
  • Click the “Install” option in the box that displays.
  • I agree to turn on an unknown source if asked.
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