Instaplus Mod APK v12.0 Many Features

Instaplus Mod APK

With InstaPlus, users may download high-quality reels, videos, photos, and IGTV. Additionally, it makes it easier for you to test out special features like a material-designed mod that offers a ton of capabilities like downloads, picture quality enhancements, ghost mode, and much more! we also have Wave Wallpapers Mod APK on our site.

InstaPlus offers comparable functionality along with the ability to do all of Instagram’s tasks. Its primary purpose was to provide a variety of other additional features that customers had been clamoring for but were unable to obtain with the original program.

What is the Instaplus APK?

The customized version of Instagram, called InstaPlus APK, has a ton of amazing extra features. Only a few features separate it significantly from Instagram, otherwise, it’s nearly identical to that program. The app’s smooth and fluid operation is one of the key elements that add to its buzz. Since this software is an APK file, you may be wondering if it’s worth downloading, but the good news is that using it is entirely secure.

Furthermore, this program is ideal for use as a “follower-gaining” tool. It enables you to attract genuine followers to your profile, giving it an attractive and personable appearance. You’ll definitely get more compliments than kicks with this software. 


Gain Followers

InstaPlus can be useful for tasks like growing one’s following. You can increase your following without having to pay for a subscription of any kind. In an instant, you will receive genuine followers at no cost.

Boost involvement

Although it may be simple to gain followers, it takes time and a lot of material to capture their interest. To let your followers know what you’re sharing, InstaPlus lets your profile appear in other users’ feeds.

Download images and videos

Using InstaPlus simplifies and eases the process of downloading images and videos from Instagram.

View your profile image

If you are acquainted with Instagram’s features, you are aware of how difficult it is to view a profile image. You can view profile images in their entirety with InstPlus.

Activate the video audio.

Having to repeatedly turn on the video sound is really frustrating, don’t you think? You can turn on the video and sound by default with InstaPlus, so you won’t need to perform side gigs.

Dominate any niche

When you come upon a feed that entirely contradicts your likes and tastes, it can be scary. By following a few easy steps, you can use InstaPlus to conquer any topic. And just like that, you may easily resume using Instagram.

Reshare videos

Videos and narratives from your timeline can be reposted.

More privacy is provided

Similar to how we previously discussed how safe it is to use InstaPlus, users’ privacy is guaranteed. It features a safe privacy option that guarantees no access to your account or exposure to any of your data online.

Key features of the Instagram Plus modded app, InstaPlus

  • Download videos and photographs: This feature lets you save videos and images to your smartphone, but it also lets you remove the original program to free up space as it is the primary method of accessing your Instagram account.
  • Close Friends List: From your followers’ lists, you can compile a list of your own close friends with whom you would choose to share your tale.
  • Hide Stories from List: This allows you to hide any images and videos—including live videos—that you would just prefer to share on your stories from particular individuals of your choosing.
  • Permit Message Replies: You have the option to prohibit message replies completely, or to favor allowing replies to only specific individuals or everyone.
  • Story to be saved for later: Save life to archive: You may usually save your live videos to your archives, where they remain visible to you alone for 30 days.
  • Sharing: Once you disable this, users won’t be able to use posts from your feed in their stories. You may turn this function on and off as you like, so this also applies to sending messages with images and videos from your narrative.
  • No Ads: Look for a platform that doesn’t have any ads so you can focus on the content that matters on your feed. There are no ads because of the privacy setting.
  • Crash Reports and Analytics are not enabled.
  • Ghost Mode: This allows you to hide your typing activity from people’s stories so they won’t know that you just watched something, regardless of whether it was intended for you, and it also allows you to disable typing status so that anyone you might be texting with via the app won’t know that you’re typing anything. You can read someone’s message in your direct message and close the app without them knowing that you read it in the first place, thanks to the “Don’t mark directly as read” function.
  • Enhancements to Quality: You can raise the bar for several Instagram files, including:
  1. IGTV quality
  2. Images High Quality
  3. Videos of High Quality
  4. Stories Quality
  • Smart Gestures: you may use your finger to swipe left or right to turn pages, long-tap an image to enlarge it, or double-tap an image to crop it. If one wants to try, they can even be turned off.
  • Misc: Since it’s the little things that count, there are a lot of additional little aspects that are significant.
  • Find individuals: By following your contacts who have active Instagram profiles and making plans to read their stories to learn more about their lives, you can find individuals.

What’s New? 

The download option is now available via three dots next to the post; it was removed from the main feed. Potential for future enhancements.

  • [Added] JTInstagram Settings > Privacy now has the option to “Hide listen to info for voice messages.”
  • [Added] To InstaPlus Settings > Privacy, there is now a “Do not send notifications for screenshots” option.
  • [Added] Take a picture of any post’s caption. three spheres? (alternatives).
  • [Added] Select InstaPlus Settings > Beta to preview while rewinding or fast-forwarding the movie.

Download & install Instaplus Mod APK for Android

  • Visit
  • Search for the Instaplus Mod APK.
  • Select the “Download” button.
  • To access unknown sources, configure the security settings on your Android device.
  • Download the APK to access the Instaplus app.
  • Once the application file is installed, you accept the terms.
  • Once installed, open the Instaplus application.


In conclusion, InstaPlus APK is a fantastic substitute for the Instagram app. This program is entirely secure to use thanks to a number of features. Paying pointless subscription fees to complete basic tasks is no longer necessary. Because of its incredibly user-friendly UI, even beginners may fully utilize this software. Everyone should download this app and have a look at what it has to offer, in our opinion.

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