IELTS Mod Apk Practice Pro (Band 9) v5.6.1 Download Free Learning App For Android

Introduction to IELTS Pro Speaking Mod APK

One of the most crucial factors in achieving a high IELTS score is speaking ability. We therefore need to use the IELTS Mod APK to make some minor improvements. This will enable you to consistently practice this ability. Gain more confidence in speaking in a short amount of time. Easily obtain outstanding scores in significant English exams that are administered in batches. Get the essential key to connecting with the global community.

An app called IELTS Speaking PRO was made for those who want to get better at English. In particular, it concerns speaking abilities and a wealth of useful information. Users might encounter attractive advantages when utilizing it. clean and easy to use on your device at any moment. We also have Always On Display Mod APK on our site.

What’s New?

  • Improved the performance.
  • All the bugs are fixed.
  • Enhance the seamless scrolling of IELTS, idioms, and phrasal. Display the dictionary when you tap the answer in the question test.

Use hint cards to learn.

Long-winded theoretical approaches are ineffective. It causes us to become confused and makes it difficult to recall information. IELTS Speaking PRO will employ the suggested card-based study approach. You’ll get a range of questions from these cards. Kindly jot down the responses you believe are accurate and then contrast them with the sample responses.

There will be about a thousand cards with example answers on them in total. You must dedicate a little time to studying every day. Learn things quickly and gain useful experience over time. Following the learning procedure, you will achieve an amazing outcome.


It will be difficult to determine your level if you study without taking any tests. IELTS Speaking PRO helps you assess your proficiency with each task by providing users with targeted tests. The software has over 60 distinct exams added to it, and it’s limited. It will faithfully replicate the test portions that applicants will be asked to complete on the IELTS.

Every lecture is broken up into three sections: parts 1, 2, and 3. Every component presents a unique knowledge challenge to users. Take as many practice exams as possible to become more comfortable with the format and to sharpen your exam-taking techniques.

Many excellent suggestions

We must be aware of this essential advice if we are to maximize our exam results. Our ability to handle difficult cases quickly will be greatly aided by this. Reduce the complexity of your issues and use them to your advantage. IELTS Speaking PRO also adds a few more tips whenever it poses any questions or provides any information.

The secret to quickly recalling knowledge is to follow these connected pointers. It can be applied to any urgent circumstance you might run into. When you learn in this manner as opposed to the traditional methods, you will learn more effectively.

Self-evaluation abilities

Only you can determine your speaking level because the program cannot. You can record your responses to questions on IELTS Speaking PRO. You can review it and self-identify your inadequacies as necessary. In various circumstances, it may be ambiguous, rapid, or slow.

The simplest path forward is to identify and fix these errors on your own. There’s no need to waste time hunting for mentors who possess extensive experience. To seek advice, you might ask your friends about your questions or results. Extend it in ways that will help you.

Nothing is too hard for us humans to overcome. To get past these challenges, using the IELTS Speaking PRO mod to self-learn speaking abilities will be a great option. Gaining confidence and solid baseline knowledge helps you get your desired IELTS score more quickly.

Features of IELTS Practice Pro APK

  • Channel IELTS Video Feature: Every day, new content is added.
  • More than 380 IELTS sample exams totaling 4000 questions
  • Writing Task 1 on IELTS: 400 exemplar charts
  • IELTS GT Writing Task 1: Comprehensive model response
  • IELTS Writing Task 2 with a comprehensive example response
  • Reading and Listening to the IELTS
  • IELTS Speaking Practice/Sample
  • IELTS tests every skill
  • Idea/Tips Translation Tool for IELTS in all languages
  • More than 600 model essays and 5000 IELTS vocabulary terms
  • Idioms and Verb Forms
  • Unusual verbs: a comprehensive listing of unnatural verbs
  • Searching is easy and effective
  • Support Picture in Picture
  • Free and Offline
  • Simple and efficient search
  • Encourage Text-to-speech
  • Assist with UI material design.
  • Provide dark mode support.
  • Encourage intelligent Notification

Download & install IELTS Mod APK for Android

  • Visit
  • Search for the IELTS Mod APK.
  • Select the “Download” button.
  • To access unknown sources, configure the security settings on your Android device.
  • Download the APK to access the IETLS app.
  • Once the application file is installed, you accept the terms.
  • Once installed, open the IELTS application.
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