File and Video Recovery Mod APK Download v 2.4.4 Free for Android

Do you wish to get deleted files back? Do you want to recover deleted videos and photos from your phone? Give up searching! Our fantastic program can recover deleted photos and data! With a single tap, this incredible tool File and Video Recovery Mod APK uses state-of-the-art technology to restore erased data. This program can retrieve pictures, videos, audio files, and more. You can retrieve lost files by using our program to examine your internal storage. We also recommend you to download File Recovery & Photo Recovery MOD APK  from our site.


An Emphastic Scanning Engine Restores Deleted Images 

The enticing aspect of File Recovery & Photo Recovery is its powerful scanning engine. Deleted photographs are readily recovered using this engine. They are recovered by this program from accidental deletion or system faults. It thoroughly inspects your device to recover your most valuable memories. Just imagine how happy you will be when all of your photos and albums are recovered from internal storage. File & Photo Recovery fulfills this wish. You may recover your priceless memories using this program. Let this app take away the sorrow of misplacing priceless pictures.

Smart data transfer – Smart sharing

Use File Sender with the photo and video transfer app to wirelessly transmit data between cellphones in a seamless manner. You can quickly share individual files or carry out phone clone data transfer. Copy my data: With its robust security features and dependable functionality, the smart transfer software prioritizes the security of your data. We also have App Cloner Mod APK.

Recover deleted videos and other data.

You can easily and swiftly recover deleted videos from your phone with a data recovery app. You can still retrieve a video that you unintentionally erased. You may choose which data to recover and get back deleted images, videos, and other media on your phone using this file recovery option.

Retrieve deleted images – Recover deleted videos

You may easily restore data with the help of the video files recovered app, regardless of whether they were erased in error, lost as a result of system failures, or damaged by hardware problems. There are many different file types that our photo recovery and video recovery programs can handle, including documents, images, videos, and more. With Photo/Video Recovery, you may be sure that you can easily retrieve different kinds of data.

Retrieve erased images with the Deleted Video Recovery file

When pictures and videos are erased, the video recovery program instantly makes a backup of them. Without rooting the smartphone, file recovery and the recovery of deleted films and images are simple processes. Consequently, getting deleted movies and pictures back is a simple and easy task.

Recovering deleted audio – Document recovery software

You can use a file recovery program to recover deleted PDF documents and audio recordings. All Data Recovery – Media Recovery quickly scans your device to find all deleted audio files, enabling you to filter and recover files in the manner of your choice.

Retrieve deleted data – Photo retrieval

Join the app for data recovery files called “Deleted Video Recovery” to recover deleted videos. Never again worry about misplacing your priceless videos. Restore, recuperate, and revisit your memories with ease.

What’s New

  • All the bugs are fixed
  • Install the latest version on our website.

Key features

  • Make a backup copy of every recently erased document, audio file, video, and photo.
  • Simple file sharing and quick data transfer at any time or place.
  • Recover deleted videos with ease and without the need to root your device
  • Retrieve data from external and internal storage devices.
  • Choose which deleted videos to recover.
  • Recovering lost photographs, movies, and other media is safe and simple.
  • Restore documents from any kind of file.
  • Deep scan technology to ensure complete file recovery.
  • End-to-end data encryption and secure data transfer
  • An intuitive, quick, and simple-to-use interface.

Download the File and Video Recovery Mod APK v 2.4.4 

  • Get the “Video Recovery MOD APK” download.
  • Set up the downloaded APK without using WiFi or the internet.
  • Open the Installer, then finish the procedure.
  • Allow it to Finish Installing on Your Android Device
  • Open the MOD APK app to take advantage of unlimited free resources.
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