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Introduction to Background Eraser Mod APK

The Background Eraser option is one of the most capable and potent features of all the photo editing options. However, the majority of the time, when you use this option on your mobile device, you’ll get inaccurately computed results that aren’t satisfactory. Therefore, you won’t achieve decent results with the backdrop eraser tools unless you use specialized apps like PicsArt and others. We also have Passport Photo Maker Mod APK on our site.

That is, if you ignore Background Eraser, it is a fantastic mobile utility. Android users will get many efficient and potent solutions to modify and personalize their photographs using background-erasing software. Just turn on this fantastic mobile tool to have it recognize the chosen portions of the images and present them with any fresh altering options.

How does it function?

In other words, a background eraser can be used easily on any image or photo you have chosen, with background elements available. Here, you must pick the pictures and turn on the app’s extract tool to remove the background images quickly. Alternatively, having your backdrops erased and replaced with fresh ones is a relatively simple process. You can also download Photo Lab Mod APK.

Furthermore, the app can automatically work on enhancing your photographs with quick and straightforward background removal because of the intelligent AI and enabled automation. After that, experiment with various basic editing tools to improve your graphics further.


For those interested, Background Eraser is a free program you can download and install from the Google Play Store without paying anything. To commence working on your background removals, navigate to and activate specific functions in the mobile application. Just be aware that you will be bothered by advertisements.

Background Eraser also needs your system to run the most recent firmware version to guarantee compatibility. In addition, Background Eraser requires specific access rights to function fully, just like many other Android apps. So when you open the app for the first time, approve its request carefully.

Premium Features of Background Eraser APK

Work on every picture on your devices.

With Background Eraser, Android users may begin working on any image that is available on their device with ease right away. You can download the film online or choose any accessible footage from the collection to edit. After that, open Background Eraser and load the chosen photos to begin editing your movie. You can begin experimenting with numerous aspects of the mobile app by enabling many incredible effects.

Utilize the Auto mode with ease.

To begin, turn on Auto mode, allowing the software to remove comparable pixels from your chosen photographs instantly. The feature will immediately focus on similar pixels that ought to be removed from the contents. Consequently, completing your background removals will be more straightforward. You will then just have the chosen visuals available to you. As a result, working on additional editing of the chosen material will be much simpler.

Use Extract mode to work comfortably on object removal.

Using the available extract mode, you may simultaneously select any object you wish to remove from the chosen photos. Use the included red and blue markers to fine-tune details by selecting and erasing objects as desired. Additionally, you can use the gathered graphics with any other photo-editing software.

There are several tweaking options before exporting the pictures.

Finally, even before exporting the photos, you can execute a variety of sophisticated image improvements to make modifying your graphics easier. Simply enlarge the image to pixel level to separate the images and backgrounds. Alternatively, fix any incorrectly modified portions so you may still use the mobile app to get fantastic results. and operate with numerous intuitive enhancements with ease.

Enjoy our website’s unlocked app.

We also provide our unlocked version of Background Eraser, which has numerous features, unlocked free purchases, and removed advertisements so that Android users can fully enjoy their favorite mobile software. Consequently, you won’t be distracted by advertisements when completing your specific background removal or image extracts. At this point, you may fully enjoy using Background Eraser’s editing tools. To start, simply download and install the Background Eraser Mod APK, then follow the instructions.


  • Absence of choices for photo editing
  • Background Eraser is a mobile app that effectively separates the graphics and backgrounds in your photographs. However, it is not as powerful as other apps because it does not have many editing features. 
  • Having said that, handyCloset will be much more useful and functional if it can merely have a few common editing tools in addition to the ability to change photo backdrops. You will still find it wonderful, though, particularly about background wiping.

How do you download the latest Background Eraser Mod APK version on your Android?

You can start your free download of the Background Eraser app. The following notes are provided:

How do I install it?

  • Download the “APK” file.
  • Once downloaded, open the “APK” file.
  • Click the “Install” option in the box that displays.
  • I agree to turn on an unknown source if asked.

Final Verdict

Background Eraser Mod APK user-friendly features ensure that users can easily enhance their photography to the fullest potential. Remove distracting backdrops, pick and choose certain aspects from the images, and have fun working with your altered raw materials. To top it all off, you may now utilize the completely unlocked application on our website, which has all the incredible tools you need to get started. You can enjoy it without spending anything, and it’s also free.

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