Always On Display Mod APK v7.0.0 Premium Subscription unlocked

Introduction to A.O.A: Always On Display

An app called AOA: Always on Display MOD APK (Premium Subscription Unlocked) shows content on mobile devices all the time. Users can instantly share crucial information on their phone’s screen with AOA without having to unlock it. With the many customization possibilities this application offers, users can easily keep track of information like time, date, missed calls, and notifications. we also have Backdrops Mod APK on our site.

Furthermore, AOA helps customers extend the useful life of their phones by conserving battery power. Because of its features and benefits, AOA: Always on Display has gained popularity and is now utilized by a large number of people globally.

To see the information shown on the lock screen, use AOA: Always on Display.

The information shown on the phone’s lock screen can be customized by users using the various modes offered by the AOA app. Users can choose to see the date and time in Always on Display mode or the notifications they’ve received recently in Ambient mode, for instance.

Additionally, AOA saves battery life by shutting off the screen when not in use. On the other hand, when a fresh notice arrives, the internet will activate automatically to help users avoid missing any important information.

Users can easily manage information on their phone’s lock screen by using AOA. This app is a great option for people who like to personalize their lock screen and works with the majority of smartphones. 

Produce original lighting effects

An app called Always on Display (AOA) can help produce edge illumination effects on a phone’s screen. Users of AOA can personalize a variety of lighting effects, such as multiple color schemes, animations, musical lighting effects, and more. AOA enables lighting effects to be seen on the edge of the screen even when your phone’s screen is off.

Furthermore, AOA will let customers alter the width, speed, and density of the effects to make a one-of-a-kind product that fits your style. The edge-illumination function of AOA: Always on Display MOD APK allows users to build a unique phone screen that will draw attention from everyone. It comes with an endless color palette.

Show the battery’s condition and the amount of time it needs to charge.

Apart from standard data like the time, date, missed calls, and notifications, AOA also has a feature to show the battery state and charge duration.

This function makes it simple for users to keep an eye on the battery level and determine how long it will take before running out, which helps them avoid awkward situations where the phone unexpectedly shuts off. AOA further enables users to track the charging duration in order to determine when the battery will reach its maximum capacity or to view the storm’s charge level.

For Android phone users, the ability to view battery status and charge time on AOA: Always on Display is useful. Users can more effectively manage their phone usage and stay out of trouble by keeping an eye on the battery state and charging duration with ease.

The ideal fusion of Always on Display and screen orientation with notch. support

AOA enhances the user experience with top-notch support by guaranteeing aesthetics and making the most of screen real estate. AOA saves you time and energy by displaying important information in high resolution and ideal brightness, regardless of whether your phone is in landscape or portrait mode.

Additionally, by displaying crucial information on the home screen without requiring the phone to be unlocked, the Always on Display function also saves consumers time. This improves your device’s security while also saving you time.

To sum up, the combination of AOA and notch on smartphones will offer a great user experience that is time-saving, flexible, and has high resolution.

Personalize the calendar view

Users can select which events to show on the screen and alter the calendar’s display by day, week, or month with AOA: Always on Display Mod. Users can save time and organize their schedules more effectively using this.

Furthermore, AOA’s calendar view feature facilitates the display of several event-related details, including the location, time, and description of the event. This makes it easier and faster for consumers to gather information about events they want to attend.

To put it briefly, AOA’s custom calendar view feature is a useful and practical tool that aids users in swiftly and effectively managing their schedules.

Portable sketch board 

AOA: Always on Display combines a sketchpad function to enable users to rapidly take notes or draw on the phone screen while also allowing information to be displayed continuously. With the help of this functionality, users will be able to quickly doodle or take notes on their phone’s screen without opening an additional app. With the several brush and color options available in AOA’s sketch pad, users may personalize and produce original and imaginative strokes.

Furthermore, users can easily access and utilize AOA’s sketchpad without having to unlock it because it is embedded right into the lock screen. For those who wish to quickly and easily jot down notes or draw something on their phone screen, AOA’s sketchpad function is helpful software.

Different clock personalization options

Animated, analog, digital, and sticker clock types are among the numerous clock options this application offers users to display on the lock screen.

Users can alter the type of clock that appears on the lock screen as well as attributes like color, text style, size, and placement. Additionally, AOA offers a range of distinctive sound and animation effects for various watch types, giving customers choice and customization.

The AOA: Always on Display APK mod offers users a wide range of customization options for their phone’s lock screen, thanks to its numerous clock features. For individuals who wish to customize their phone’s lock screen and give it a distinctive look, this software is a great option.

Utilize launcher shortcuts to save time.

Users may quickly access the application’s primary features, such as selecting animations, altering lighting effects, and turning on and off the Always on Display mode, with the use of these shortcuts. By choosing their preferred lighting effect and making it the default, users of AOA’s launcher shortcuts can save time while interacting with the application.

Users can enjoy the distinctive lighting effects and quickly and readily access critical app functions using AOA: Always on Display launcher shortcuts.

Use pocket mode to conserve battery life.

When this function is used, the phone’s screen shuts off when it is put down or in a pocket, which helps save battery life. But the screen comes back on when the user moves the phone or takes it out of the bag.

Always on Display’s pocket mode feature, which simultaneously preserves battery life and safeguards the phone’s screen, is a useful feature.

Time-saving method that is easy to use on mobile devices

It’s never been simpler to save time on your mobile device than with Always on Display. You won’t need to unlock your phone to check the time, date, or any missed messages. With the help of AOA: Always on Display MOD APK (Premium Subscription Unlocked) on MODAPKOKI, you may save time and effort by seeing this information right on the home screen.

Download & install Always on Display Mod APK for Android

  • Visit
  • Search for the Always on Display Mod APK.
  • Select the “Download” button.
  • To access unknown sources, configure the security settings on your Android device.
  • Download the APK to access the always on display app.
  • Once the application file is installed, you accept the terms.
  • Once installed, open the always on display application.

How to Use the AOA Always on Display APK

  1. To start revolutionizing your mobile experience, download AOA Always on Display from Google Play. This app is one of the best ones made for people who want to get more out of their gadgets.
  2. When the program is installed, launch it and proceed with the initial setup. This simple approach helps you adjust the settings to meet your unique requirements and make sure that AOA Always on Display works just the way you use your phone.
  3. Turn off your screen to watch AOA Always on Display in action. With a deft activation, the app shows you a handpicked collection of notifications and information. With the help of this feature, you can always quickly access the important information without having to completely wake up your device.
  4. AOA Always on Display operates in the background without interruption, using the fewest resources possible to deliver optimal performance. Because of its clever design, which strikes a balance between functionality and visual appeal, customers who want to get the most out of their Android devices must have it.

Tips to Increase AOA Always on Display 2024 Usage Battery Optimization

  • To ensure continuous service and peak performance, make sure AOA Always on Display is not included in your device’s battery optimization options.
  • Tailor to Your Preferences: Explore the plethora of Full Customization Options that AOA offers. Always on Display offers a variety of clock styles and customizable backgrounds to ensure that your AOD experience is exactly how you want it.
  • Reduce Brightness at Night: To lessen eye strain and preserve battery life, use the Screen Brightness Control feature to lower the AOD’s brightness at night.
  • Different Clock Styles: To keep your AOD visually appealing and consistent with your style, choose from a variety of clock designs.
  • Control the brightness of the screen straight from the AOD to improve visibility and comfort in any lighting situation.
  • Customizable Backgrounds: Add a personal touch to your AOD by customizing it with your own photographs or selecting from a selection of excellent defaults.
  • App Customization and Launcher Shortcuts: Organize your mobile experience by configuring Launcher Shortcuts to provide rapid access to frequently used features and apps.
  • Complete Customization: Take advantage of the many customization options to personalize your AOD by changing the colors, icons, fonts, and more.
  • Activate the Automatic Rules feature to optimize battery consumption by controlling the AOD’s behavior based on your usage habits.
  • Avoid Burn-in of AMOLEDs and OLEDs with Auto Movement: Use features that guard against burn-in to keep your screen looking great over time.
  • Utilize Pocket Mode to customize the AOD’s behavior when it’s tucked away to ensure effectiveness and discretion.
  • Memo Option with Sticky Notes: Make use of the Memo Option to quickly jot down notes or reminders right on your AOD, ensuring that crucial information is always at hand.
  • Tasker Plugin Integration: This feature makes AOA Always on Display an even more potent weapon in your digital toolbox by enabling automation and customization for more experienced users.


Using AOA Always on Display means having efficiency, customization, and innovation at your fingertips rather than just a fancy new look for your gadget. Users who choose to download this software take the first step toward improved mobile interaction, where information access becomes natural and individuality is evident.

The app is a great option for anyone wishing to improve their Android experience because of its unique combination of functionality, customization, and user-centric features. AOA Always on Display MOD APK keeps raising the bar for what an always-on display can do as 2024 approaches, making it a vital tool for mobile app developers.

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